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New York City is home to hundreds of world-famous colleges, universities, libraries and research centers. The metropolitan area attracts multitudes of American and international students. Before you start living your dream in New York, you need to find a home base that will allow you to maximize the potential of this amazing opportunity. Living in “the city that never sleeps” is invaluable for students, but the cost of your accommodations may pose a challenge.

Therefore, it is important to weigh your options to decide whether you need an apartment off-campus, a dormitory, or a shared apartment. The best choices near your college or university get snapped up quickly, so make sure you start your search as soon as possible when planning to start school. When choosing your home in New York, consider variables like affordability, neighborhood safety and quality, subway access, and space. No matter which university or research center you’ve chosen to attend, you need to plan ahead in order to secure the best experience as a student living in the “Big Apple.”

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Below are some of the things you need to know if you want to go to college in New York City.

If you are not staying in a dormitory, live in the right neighborhood.

You’ll have hundreds of communities to pick from if you plan to forgo dorm life, so you’ll need to research areas to find a suitable fit. We recommend starting with a budget and looking at areas close to your school. When you’re not doing academic work, you will also consider other important activities. For example, you’re a keen athlete; living near a park would be an advantage. If you want to live in Brooklyn, Crown Heights and Prospect Heights could be alternatives, both close to Prospect Park, which would be nice if you attend Pratt or Brooklyn College. You can live more on the west side, Hell’s Kitchen, Upper West Side, Morningside Heights, or Harlem, if you are enrolled in Columbia, and have access to Central Park or Riverside Park, and yet be within a short drive to the campus. In other words, know your budget, then begin your search for an apartment.

Cut your costs by sharing an apartment.

Due to the high cost of housing in New York, one of the best options for either New York natives or newcomers is to share an apartment with friends. Sharing an apartment with a new or old friend is invaluable because you can enjoy the great benefits of sharing your home while also saving money.

Use public means of transportation.

Learn to use the NYC subway since traveling around town is the easiest and most effective route. It’s not only going to save you money, but also time. Never taken the subway before? No qualms. You’ll be able to travel the trains in your sleep after a short transition period.

Try to socialize and make friends.

Securing a place to live in the city that never goes to sleep is not easy and finding friends isn’t any easier. Sure, in your classes, you can meet a lot of people, but the school can be demanding and takes a lot of attention, depending on the course you are studying. Try to have time when you interact with your classmates. Get engaged in school events and share some time with other people also. Study groups form an integral part of student life, but they do not count for social time unless you endeavor to go out.

Do not forget the reason for coming to school.

Although socializing is an important part of college life, it is wise to remember why you are in New York City in the first place. Of course, you will be tempted to party always and drink excessively in bars. It is, however, important to know the purpose of coming to college. The sole reason for coming to school in NYC is to get a degree so that you can excel in your career. While it is vital to be interactive and social, staying focused is also important.

Stick to your budget.

Nobody likes to hear about spending. But, the truth is, it’s all about money in New York City. With every passing year, the city gets more costly, so keeping on a budget is a necessity, particularly if you are your sponsor. Know your monthly expenses and stick to them. If you have a few extra bucks, spend the cash items you admire so much. This is where it becomes advantageous for students to work part-time.

Get ready to work.

The cost of living in New York can be daunting for a student because you’ll need some money to spare, even though your parents foot the bill. On weekends or a few nights a week, a part-time gig would allow you to take those spin classes you enjoy, buy those lovely shirts, and go out a couple of times a month for drinks or a fun dinner.

Try to balance everything.

Maintaining balance is not an easy task, even in today’s world. Maintaining balance could be even tougher if you live in the “big apple.” Visit your family and friends whenever you are on a break because leaving the city sometimes will help you keep your priorities in check. If you are also caught up with academic work, try to spend a quiet night alone and watch your favorite movies and shows. You can invite a few classmates over for pizza. Try not to get swallowed up in the non-stop universe that is the norm in New York City. Then you’ll be sure to enjoy every minute of life at college.

Take advantage of all that New York City has to offer.

You are living in the greatest city in the world, so take advantage of it. Have a free weekend? Get out of the area where your school is. For instance, you can visit the parks in Brooklyn or pay an academic visit to the United Nations headquarters in Manhattan. Get to know the city as much as possible while you are there. Most importantly, bear in mind, living in New York City is an education in itself. Make the most of New York City, experience life here, and make it part of your curriculum. The best place you can have your education is in NYC.


New York University and Columbia University are universities you can find in Manhattan. Students are very populated in this borough. Students’ housing is readily available in areas such as York Ville and Midtown East. Manhattan’s location and its high real estate value can make accommodation go quickly- if you are interested in a particular apartment, you’ll need to get it fast. Simply go through our selection of furnished rooms available for you in Manhattan with the touch of a button.


Bushwick and Greenpoint are popular destinations for students. Rent prices in these areas may, however, rise due to high demand. You can get cheaper alternatives in neighborhoods of Prospect Heights and Bed-stay. When you rent a room in Brooklyn, it is advisable to carefully consider your mode of transportation to campus.


A nearby university in Queens is the City University of New York (CUNY) campus. Queens’ student housing, like Brooklyn, offers lots of varied options across the district. If you are looking to cut costs, you can look for off-campus housing in Queens. This is due to the expensive nature of the neighborhoods around the university, such as Long island city.


The Bronx contains a sizeable student community, and it is home to Fordham University Student. Accommodation in the borough is readily available in neighborhoods like Belmont, where a good 2-bedroom apartment will cost between $1,500 and $1,700. The area’s major commercial route is East Fordham Lane, and its abundance of eateries and fabulous access to local parks give a significant amount of freedom and sovereignty to locals. Look no further than AYA for a wide range of accessible student residences in the Bronx.


Staten Island has the smallest undergraduate population of all the boroughs of New York. This is attributed to the absence of substantial university campuses in the borough and its spatial isolation from the rest of the city. However, fair rental costs are urging more and more students to leap over New York Bay, and some Staten Island student apartments can be found at reasonable prices. For student housing in Staten Island, AYA is the right place to get them.

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